What we got up to on Mother’s day weekend

Mothering Sunday (do we still call it that?) was spent with family and friends, mostly at the local pub – The Ballot Box. Cheap, cheerful, perfect for fussy messy toddlers and just around the corner. I will write a review on it one day.

On Saturday, we ventured out to the Pitshanger Village.  It is a cute little place, about a mile away from Ealing Broadway, and my (secretely) favourite place in the entire Borough.

Why do I like it so much? It is unique and has got a homely feel about it, with cosy independent shops, a charming library, a beautiful park and playcentre, and St Barnabas church at the end of the Lane. They are the real pillar of the local community, hosting great family events and famous Friday concerts of “Wigmore Hall” standard .

If you haven’t been, go there right now!

After our usual stroll, we popped into the newly opened Café Organika. I must get in touch with the charming owner Emilia to find out their story. True to Pitshanger’s style, it’s a unique and petite place, full of love and character and boasting extensive organic-only menu (including quite a few vegan options).

Coco’s Cakery’s ladies, Michaela and Sam, were showcasing their organic cupcakes and running a cupcake decorating competition for the children. My five year old had a lovely time, while husband and I got to sample some more cakes supplied by Ealing’s own Celestial Cakes (delicious they were!).

See, how can I not love this place? It’s a bit like Mumsnet Ealingby local people for local people!

Scoffed by her mum (tis me) before the Mother's day

Scoffed by her mum (tis me) before the Mother’s day <embarrassed>


Lovely Michaela from Coco’s Cakery





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