We were there when history was made – #Ealinghour

If you have no clue what we are on about, #HOUR is a mass chat on Twitter, done on a regular basis as a recurring event, say every Tuesday at 8pm, about a certain subject/area/interest.

It’s proving to be a cheap (it’s free) and very effective form of modern advertising. Every related business or individual with a Twitter account is welcome to join this chat using the hash tag (#) to kick-start the conversation. The hash tag allows the tweeters to find each other and get their message across.

#Ealinghour is the brainchild of Amy Calver of Clarence and Alabama Vintage Inspired Dresses and Carlene Bender from Contact Us Ealing Magazine. They asked estate agents Northfields Estates to be the host. Northfields have a few offices in Ealing and are heavily involved in the Community.


The first #Ealinghour took place on Tuesday 25th March at 8-9pm and was a massive success. During those few days from the inception of the event until the day following, 958 tweets were sent using the #EalingHour hashtag, made up of 268 original tweets, 352 @ mentions and 368 retweets.  Many Ealing businesses reported increased web traffic since the event.

We were there and saw this tremendous reaction from the locals. The most enthusiastic tweeters were St Barnabas Church, Ealing Card and us, of course!

Jump onto Twitter every Tuesday between 8-9pm and tweet something Ealing related.  Be sure to use the hashtag #EalingHour. We’ll be there! @Mumsnet Ealing

We would love to hear from the childminders, nurseries, party entertainers, child-friendly cafes, etc and not just from Ealing Central but from across the whole Borough.

If you want to become involved with Ealing Hour, you can access a list of participants via the Northfields Estates profile on Twitter using the handle @Northfieldslive and clicking on “Lists”. You’ll find a list called “Ealing Hour” that collects tweets from all the #EalingHour participants who asked to be included. If you are not currently on this list and would like to be included please tweet @Northfieldslive.


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