Aliens Love Underpants – what a PANTastic show!

Mumsnet Ealing were delighted to receive review tickets to see Aliens Love Underpants on Sunday, 20th July. The show is based on the popular children’s book by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort.


The story is quite short so I was looking forward to seeing where director Adam Bampton-Smith would be taking us. What a fabulous journey it turned out to be!

The cast interacts with the audience from the very beginning.  The performance kicks off with the actors in “I heart Underpants” T-shirts coming down from the stage to ask the children about their favourite pants. They run back up and relay to the rest of the audience.

The story follows the schoolboy Timmy (Harrison Spiers) who dreams of becoming a spaceman. His dream comes true when he meets and gets to travel in a spaceship with 3 friendly aliens who come to Earth to steal (or rather, free) underpants from the washing lines. The aliens are puppets carried around by the actors. They look just like the book characters and their alien language is hilarious.  We loved the energy of the cast and the catchy upbeat songs.

There are quite a few jokes for the parents too, we were giggling throughout.

Special and sound effects were ace: the reaction on those little faces – priceless!

Something must be said about the range of pants they had. There were tonnes of lovely, colourful, unique pants in different shapes, patterns and sizes. Call me weird but I would love a Pants R Us near me too!

IMG_3258 IMG_3287

Leicester Square Theatre is compact, cosy and a perfect host to this production. There were changing mats in few places. There are two bars in the Auditorium itself. The seats are very comfy, and there are plenty of boosters available for the kids. But beware – the seats towards the front by the aisles are a bit ‘pants’ – you can barely see the stage, so aim for central if you would like to sit at the front.

Pre-schoolers will benefit from the show the most. My almost 6 year old still enjoyed it very much but clearly not as much as some younger children who sat next to us – they were squealing with joy and excitement!

Thank you to Claire Freedman and Ben Cort for this wonderful book, and thank you to Adam Bampton-Smith and his lovely cast for this brilliant adaptation!

Mumsnet Ealing is running a competition – win a family ticket to see the show. Hurry, it ends on 9th August. Click here to enter.

Catch these guys at Leicester Square Theatre until 31 August. Book your tickets here.

Twitter: @underpantslive


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