Modern Asian Deli in Ealing – goodbye boring sandwiches and hello deli-licious, vibrant lunch!

A couple of weeks ago Mumsnet Ealing were delighted to get a lunch invitation to Angela Malik’s shiny new Deli on Ealing Green.


Quick research tells us Angela is a mum of two and comes from an accounting background. She left her successful career in the City to study at the famous Leiths School of Food & Wine in West London and gained her experience at Bibendum and Vong.

She then opened The Angela Malik School of Food and Wine together with chef Tom Kime in Acton which took off instantly and soon evolved into a unique deli and eatery– Modern Asian Deli. The huge success led to a second establishment in April 2014 – another Modern Asian Deli, but now in the heart of Ealing overlooking the Ealing Green.

From the moment you step in, you set off on a discovery journey – learning about various ingredients and parts of the world. Angela’s stamp is very obvious in every carefully thought-through detail.  The interior is very modern and functional with funky high-tech features allowing to transform the eatery into a cookery school.

There are packets, jars, tins everywhere – these are the ingredients Angela has chosen for her recipes and cooking demos.

IMG_3173 IMG_3174 IMG_3182 IMG_3183 IMG_3185 IMG_3187 IMG_3214

After having spent few minutes gazing around, we finally make it to the counter and are welcomed by Amy, who runs the Deli, and her friendly team. The choice is impressive. Spicy harissa bean burgers, chargrilled broccoli salad, cous-cous salad, coleslaw, chicken satay, chicken or salmon tikka – there are options to cater for everyone including vegans, gluten and dairy-free, low-carb, you name it!

Amy suggests a taster menu, and we are happy to oblige.


We proceed to get seated and take the largest table in the middle. If you are coming in a group, with few prams, space can be an issue. Amy says they are aware and looking into buggy storage.


As we wait for the food, the lunch rush-hour kicks in. The duo-box seems to be the most popular option – a choice of one protein and two salads (£5.50 or £6.50 if eating in).  Who are the customers? Interestingly, though, there isn’t one particular demographic – we see office and shop workers, builders,  mothers with kids, friends catching up, business meetings, etc – there is something for everyone.

Our food arrives…

IMG_3192  IMG_3194 IMG_3195


Everything was delicious. Every single dish was packed with its own unique, multi-layered flavour. Think, Madhur Jaffrey meets Nigella…

My toddler got to taste his first bean burger and absolutely loved chicken tikka and satay. My 5 year old daughter scoffed pretty much everything we had offered her.

Special mention goes out to their dhal. My husband is of Guyanese descent so we know what good dhal should taste like. Well, Angela’s dhal was something special, nothing like we had tasted before. Our taste buds were zinging (is that a word?).

IMG_3197 IMG_3200

Couple of snacks are still fresh in my mind – little poppadoms and prawn crackers. I am no fan of greasy tasteless Chinese takeaway crackers, but this was something else. Perfectly seasoned and super crunchy, yum!

The highlights for me were:

Angela’s home-made chutneys

Every table has a choice of two chutneys – tomato & chilli and tamarind & jaggery. These babies went down a treat with my husband and me. At £4.95 per jar, they might seem a bit expensive but wait till you try them. Fresh, natural ingredients – delicious and no nasties. We were kindly given both jars to take home. Sadly, the tomato & chilli one was gone in less than a week (but it did go on every plate of food I had).

Perfect Christmas gift!

Perfect Christmas gift!

Masala sausage rolls (£2.50 or £2.95 if eating in)

Yes, you heard me right! Amy said we had to taste them, and we glad we had.

How on Earth did Angela come up with that idea?! Now this is a truly British-Asian twist…


Angela’s imagination and passion are obvious. She takes a risk combining spices from different corners of the world and produces truly special, unique and bold flavours.

We couldn’t leave without trying the desserts. My daughter was eyeing up the dessert display as soon as we came in. Most of Angela’s desserts are gluten and dairy-free. We had brownies and Millionaire’s Shortbread, and they were fantastic.


Fragrant, refreshing chai – perfect ending to a perfect meal.

IMG_3169 IMG_3175 IMG_3176 IMG_3177 IMG_3179 IMG_3209
After the meal, Amy came to have a quick chat to ask if we had enjoyed the food and what improvements could be made. She and Angela are both very keen to make sure the Deli appeals to families, and their doors are always open for breast-feeding mums. One more place to add to our breast-feeding friendly map of Ealing!

If you haven’t been yet, I urge you to pop in asap. Grab your picnic boxes and head over to the newly re-vamped Walpole park for a fun, great-tasting family lunch.

I should mention that they also offer breakfast and turn into a cosy candle-lit restaurant for dinner. Visit their website to book a cookery course or for recipe ideas.

5.5 stars from Mumsnet Ealing. Yes, we normally only do 5 stars but it’s our blog so we can do what we like!

Office workers, families, students – this place is for everyone, and London can certainly do with more of Angela’s Delis. Have you thought of expanding further afield, Ange?

Ealing branch:
26 The Green
W5 5DA
Tel:020 8840 6799
Acton Branch:
6 Churchfield Road
W3 6EG
Tel:020 8992 5011

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