Clouds at the Southbank Centre – get ready to be blown away!

Another great family show has opened last weekend. Clouds, a contemporary dance show by the award-winning Spanish dance company Aracaladanza, has arrived at the Southbank Centre as part of Festival of Love (28 June – 31 August).


We were promised “a dream world full of colour and surprises” and we got it!

From the very start, it is obvious we are in for a treat. Choreography (by famous Enrique Cabrera) is fantastic but this show is so much more than just dancing. It is surreal and enchanting and filled with numerous objects and puppets, costumes and elements of comedy and magic. The audience are kept on their toes throughout the whole performance. There was a 10-year old boy sat next to us with his mouth open almost the entire show!

The six talented, energetic performers are clearly enjoying the production as much as their audience. Their timing and precision are impeccable. There are some beautiful scenes where they dance with their own shadows in perfect sync – totally mesmerizing!

As the show progresses, it becomes more and more mystical and inspiring. We find ourselves (including the 5 year old) completely and utterly immersed. Each piece is unique and unpredictable, and takes your imagination to a higher level. The special effects are brilliant and executed without a hitch. The accompanying music is a mix of well-known classic and contemporary pieces. It’s loud and dramatic, flows beautifully and makes the transition from one scene to another seamless and natural.

Our favourite bit – tall men in suits dancing cheekily à la Charlie Chaplin holding their heads. You can’t beat that!

It was our first time at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. It’s spacious, the seats are comfortable and the stage visibility is great. Minor criticisms – no booster seats and lack of refreshments for kids.

Queen Elizabeth Hall @ Southbank Centre, London, SE1
Sat 26 July– Wed 30 July
Tickets £18 adults / £9 children

For ages 4+
Duration: 50 Mins – no interval
Ticket office: 0844 875 0073
More info and tickets here

About Festival of Love:
Sat 28 Jun 2014 – Sun 31 Aug 2014


Southbank Centre’s summer 2014 festival is dedicated to the theme of love. Hundreds of artists, communities and partners will participate in creating a festival that will explore the many different facets of human love – from romantic love and the breakdown of relationships, to the harmony (or disharmony) between nations and the concept of memorials. The festival runs from 28 June to 31 August, with a taster weekend from Friday 30 May to Sunday 1 June. Featuring a wide-ranging programme of themed weekends, performances, talks, outdoor art installations and urban greenery across the site, one of the highlights, in celebration of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act becoming law in England and Wales this March, will be the mass wedding event for opposite sex and same-sex couples on the finale festival weekend.


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