Our review of “Rosie and Wizzy” – the new charming children’s book by Annie Forrest

We were delighted when Annie Forrest, a new children’s author on the block, had asked us to review “Rosie and Wizzy”, her first book for young children.


The book is inspired and dedicated to Annie’s daughter Reese.  The main character is Rosie Jones who is about to start school and, like so many children, is feeling nervous.

“What if nobody wants to play with me? How would I ever made friends?” she wondered.

Rosie needs an imaginary friend to forget her worries so along comes a strange furry creature named Wizzy.


From that day, their days are filled with pink milk and candy floss, making daisy chains and having tea parties.



pg14-CMYKAfter months of summer fun together and Rosie’s surprise birthday party, Wizzy’s parents turn up to take him home back to the clouds. And it’s time for Rosie to start school…

I read the book together with my almost six year old daughter.  I wasn’t sure how it would go down as she is well past the starting school stage, plus we have been reading Enid Blyton for the last two months…

Well, she has fallen in love with Rosie and her cuddly friend instantly.  In fact, we have had to read it three nights in a row now! I am not surprised – there is something so positive and comforting about this sweet simple story that makes it stand out, a real breath of fresh air.

We take turns and read to each other so it’s perfect for early readers too. My son is only seventeen months old but he is clearly enjoying it. He keeps pointing at Wizzy and saying “Za-za” – adorable!

The heart of every children’s book is in its illustrations. That’s another reason why “Rosie and Wizzy” is so great.  The illustrator, Cristina Pecherle, has done a brilliant job. The pictures are bright, colourful and heart-warming, and Wizzy is portrayed as a very cuddly and loveable creature indeed.

The book ends with few activities giving the children the chance to talk about the story and draw Rosie and Wizzy and their fun times together.

My children and I are looking forward to Wizzy’s next adventure – no pressure there!

Thank you for the opportunity to review your lovely story,  Annie.  Thumbs up from Mumsnet Ealing.

The story was first released as an e-book in April earlier this year and received great reviews on Amazon. And now it is available, also on Amazon, as a print on demand paperback retailing at £5.99.


About the Author

Annie Lizika Forrest was born in June 1978 in Mauritius. She went to a prestigious Catholic girls school which helped shaped her formative years. Annie is bilingual in English and French.

More info about the author and her story can be found on her website http://www.annieforrest.com/


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