St Christopher’s charity are recruiting foster parents in West London

zzWe have been asked by St Christopher’s charity to help spread the word regarding their recruitment drive of foster parents in West London as there is a huge shortfall of families.

This is the letter they have been distributing through local schools:

Dear Parent,

Could you foster a child?

Looking for a change in career?

As a parent, you will appreciate the rewards and challenges of raising a child to do the best they can in life. Sadly some children – for a range of reasons – are not able to live with their natural parents.

Many of these vulnerable children are looked after by foster carers, who offer them a loving and caring home where they can reach their full potential. More foster carers are urgently needed in your area and I would like to ask you personally today: Could you foster a child?

To be a foster carer you will:

  • Want to work with vulnerable young people,
  • Have time, commitment and energy,
  • Have experience of working with or looking after children,
  • Have a spare room available for fostering.
  • Receive a payment of around £400 per week

St Christopher’s, a charity which has been supporting children and young people since 1870, recognises the vital role that you would play in supporting the young person and provides an excellent training programme to support you in your journey.

To find out more about fostering call St Christopher’s on 0800 234 6282, email us on or visit


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