I have autism – deal with it!

Last June, we met an extraordinary woman Terri O’Neale to talk to her about her daily struggles as mother and carer for her eight year-old daughter with epilepsy and high-functioning autism.

April 2015 is #AutismAwareness month and Terri is back with her own blog to raise awareness and to share her little girl’s story and their life as it is, no sugar-coating or holding back. You think you know Autism, think again!


This blog is the journal of one bright and precocious nine-year old little girl living with high-functioning autism. Every day is a struggle to survive in a world that is too loud, too bright, too smelly, where simple touch can be painful and constant motion offers her solace. This is simply…her story…please meet…PanKwake…

“So few people understand”…, says Terri. “Once upon a time PanKwake’s Mom dated a man in a wheelchair. She could not believe the way that people went out of their way to be helpful. But because PanKwake does not look ‘autistic,’ people can and do say the most thoughtless and cruel things. To the point that it is isolating. But we believe in the basic goodness of humanity…we believe that if they understood ‘our world’ they would be just as kind and helpful. We are frustrated that the BIG autism charities are doing practically nothing to address this issue, especially for those on the higher-functioning end of the spectrum. So we will do it ourselves…”

Please read and share their incredible journey with others and do come back with your thoughts and own experiences.

Follow PanKwake:

Blog:  https://pankwake.wordpress.com/
Facebook:  Pan Kwake

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pankwake


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