Don’t miss “Adventures in Wonderland” this summer!

Les Petits invite you to tumble down the rabbit hole in a magical experience created specifically for children aged 5+ sliderB

Alice is missing in Wonderland and it’s up to you to find her – Choose eat me or drink me and pick your path; Tumble with the Tweedle twins; follow the White Rabbit and take Tea with the Hatter at the Maddest Tea party of all! But be careful not to lose your heads if the Queen catches you taking her tarts.

Our sister site Mumsnet Lambeth have kindly arranged some review tickets for us. Our 6 year old was over the moon when she had found out – she fell in love with Alice since the most amazing play we saw in our beloved Walpole Park in Ealing last summer. I was worried that this production would not live up to her expectations but I needed not to worry. What a magical and thrilling experience!

The production is staged as a tour through the Vaults gallery in the deep dark tunnels underneath Waterloo Station. What a quirky and mysterious space! They gather you in a waiting area when you arrive. There is a cloakroom (do leave your jackets as it’s quite hot and muggy down there) and you can leave your buggy too (unsupervised). There is also a bar but there are no child-friendly drinks or snacks really and the prices are steep!

The topsy turvey journey begins with dividing the audience into two teams, and off we go wondering along the narrow corridors and meeting the characters while searching for missing Alice. The production, costumes and set are rather impressive and Les Petits have made the most of small spaces. Thumbs up!

At the end of the show, everyone is invited to a big un-birthday party at the Wonderland Bar for a game of flamingo croquet with plenty of cake, fruit punch and drinks for the grown ups.

The show runs in the Vaults in Leake Street until 30th August. Running time – 1 hour with no interval. Tickets cost adults £18.50, children £12.50 and can be purchased on their website.


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