In The Night Garden Live – THE SHOW for toddlers!

In the Night Garden Live is a stage show based on the very popular CBeebies TV series. The tour has been running for five years and we have always heard great things about it. So although this one was a bit further afield at the O2, it was about time we saw this bedtime classic live…


The show takes place in its own purpose-built Showdome. The queue was moving pretty quickly and there was plentiful buggy parking. Thumbs up right away! We were even more impressed when we learned there were microwaves and toddler-friendly loos!


The theatre dome has 13 rows of step seats so there was plenty of room to move about, dump our coats and numerous baby bags, and the view was great for everyone.

In the Night Garden premiered on the BBC and CBeebies in the UK from March 2007 and has been awarded two BAFTAs (2007 and 2008) and Broadcast Award (2010) for the ‘Best Pre-school Live Action’ programme.

The music began and the little ones started squealing with excitement. Now, I don’t normally care much for the Garden but I found myself tearing up at the sight of my delighted toddler. I looked over to my husband and he too had a massive grin on his face! We took our six year old with us and we were afraid she would be bored – nope, just as enchanted! There were also quite a few small babies in the audience happily bouncing on laps and clapping in excitement. It really was just the sweetest thing ever!

The show’s producer Andrew Collier says ‘Children as young as a few months old engage with the live show, and the looks on the faces of the children and parents are absolutely amazing.’

The puppets and costumes are colourful and just like in the programme. There are projectors and bubbles, and the crew did a fantastic job bringing the characters to life and engaging with the little people. The show is just under one hour – spot on there too!

It was a smashing day out – Tube journey (always gets our kids all excited), great family lunch (there is so much to choose from at the O2) followed by a magical show. We really could not have asked for more!


The Showdome is at The O2 until 13 June, then it comes to Richmond from 20 June to 4 July before visiting Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.



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