Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – loud and colourful, just how they like it!

Courtesy to our two year old, we regularly watch toddler shows at home and, to be honest, rarely enjoy them. Except for Ben and Holly, that is.

Every week day, the lovely duo and their pet Gaston brighten up our mornings without fail. The giggles begin with the opening: “Somewhere, hidden amongst the thorny brambles is a little kingdom where everyone is very very small…”


From the makers of Peppa Pig comes this BAFTA award-winning television animation live on stage. Needless to say, we were over the moon when we got our hands on the press tickets to review.

There were no shows near Ealing so we chose the Watford Colosseum theatre as we had not been before. It’s a nice and spacious venue with decent parking at facilities. We did not walk around too much as we were trying to avoid the usual eye-wateringly expensive merchandise. I did send my husband for a large glass of red during the interval and, I must say, it was rather disappointing and ridiculously expensive!

Back to the show… The story is a mixture of the TV episodes and, just like on the telly, the production is lively and super colourful. It’s packed with songs, magic tricks, games and humour. Nanny Plum was ace! Our toddler loved the disco ball, the smoke and the puppets flying through the night. Parents were also keen to join in. Pia-Pia-Piiano anyone?

I always bang on about how important it is to get our children into theatres from an early age, and productions like these make it easy on us parents. Wonderful family memories too!

For tickets and the remaining UK tour dates visit


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