Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group encourages patients to make a difference


Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group is calling on local people to become actively involved by joining the Patient Participation Group (PPG) attached to their GP surgery.

If they are members already they may wish to represent their local PPGs at their Network PPG. Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group in partnership with Healthwatch Ealing have set up seven Network PPGs across the borough, to bring together representatives from the practice based PPGs. Through the PPGs, patients and carers can highlight issues affecting the local population, influence their GP and local health care providers and help deliver improved health outcomes.
Zereen Rahman-Jennings, Patient & Public Engagement and Equalities Manager at Ealing CCG, says:

 We strongly encourage people from all ages and backgrounds to get involved in their practice PPGs and find out what it’s all about. It’ll be a chance to meet other patients and carers, learn about local health initiatives, hear about examples of achievements and an opportunity to make a difference in partnership with the practice team.

Suzanne Lyn-Cook, Director of Ealing Health Watch, says:

PPGs have an important part to play in working with practices to make real changes. As patients, we tend to talk a lot about things but rarely get involved in problem solving. PPGs can be the platform for raising awareness of patient issues, as well as giving patients an opportunity to find out what’s going on in the practice and the wider NHS.

Keith Marshall, Chair of a local Network PPG Group in the North of Ealing says:

 Genuine patient involvement is critical to the development of both GP practices and NHS commissioning. Networking PPGs together in an area provides a tremendous opportunity for collaboration and shared learning between both the PPGs and between the GP Practices themselves. The larger organisations will also allow us to undertake projects which might be too big for a single PPG as well as providing enhanced opportunities to work with and influence local healthcare commissioners and Healthwatch.

PPGs are essentially groups of patients who have come together to work collaboratively with GP surgery staff, their CCG and other local healthcare providers to highlight, great practice which might be shared and opportunities for improvement, which they can support.

The aim of PPGs is to ensure that the voice of patients is heard and their views used to help shape and deliver high-quality primary care services.
For more information and process for joining, please approach your GP to find out about their PPG and the Network PPG they belong to.



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