Reclaim your floor space with Scooterpeg!

Thanks to my three munchkins, my hallway is an obstacle course cluttered up with buggies, balls, cars, scooters and helmets. It has become a major source of my frustration and I have struggled to find a solution until now – thanks to some genius, I can now hang the scooters on the wall and reclaim some of my floor space!

Proudly British designed and made, Scooterpeg works by gripping the handle of a scooter, allowing it to hang against a wall. It comes in a range of colours, with fixings and is super-easy to fix to the wall. I seriously suck at DIY but it took me only a couple of minutes.

Once hung up, the scooter deck becomes a handy shelf for shoes and helmets freeing up even more of my precious space floor. And it is priced reasonably at £9.95!

No more stubbed toes, just happy thumbs up from Mumsnet Ealing!

These guys also sell wall guards and name stickers. Visit their website for more info and the latest offers –


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