A note from your Editor

I dedicate this blog to our leafy, buzzy and welcoming Ealing Borough.
We love that Ealing Feeling!


Hello Ealing residents and visitors!

The truth is that before I took on the role of the Local Ealing Editor at Mumsnet, I’d had no idea how much our Borough really had to offer. It’s so easy sometimes to get stuck in a rut – do a manic shop at Tesco or online, run to Toni & Guy for a haircut because you have a voucher, and grab a coffee from Café Nero around the corner because…well because, that’s the only brand you know.

Modern life is moving at hundred miles an hour and, sometimes, you wind up losing all sense of what is around you. You become a running machine trying to survive in what they call  ‘a fast-paced and pressured environment’,  while trying to earn a living, function as a family and erm… be happy.

It’s not just the fact that the local butcher or the pharmacy around the corner are greener and better, it’s also the emotional connection, the sense of community and belonging that matter.

Luckily for me, Ealing is indeed a very tight community with a great sense of belonging and character. We have it all and we are bloody lucky to bring up our children here.

So join me as I explore our Borough and London with (and sometimes, without) my two young children. Feel free to interrupt my musings and ramblings at any time. We would always love to hear from you.

Katia Smith
Your Editor



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