London Mayoral elections on 5 May: Child Poverty Action Group needs your opinions!


London is a fantastic city, but it is not working for all of its residents, and its children in particular. That’s why 26 organisations have come together to ask the next Mayor to commit to making London more family friendly. We asked candidates to tell us what they will do for families – you can watch what they had to say here.

Almost 4 in 10 children in London are growing up in poverty, and this situation is set to get worse rather than better. Families are struggling to find a secure home. Parents are struggling to find work they can build a life on, and to find and afford childcare that supports their children to thrive. And shockingly, too many children are going to bed hungry.

But it is not all bad news. London is a city with great opportunity and steps can be taken to help all families to access this opportunity.

In these videos, the candidates say what they will do to create jobs that support families, ensure a safe and secure home for every child and to help families meet the cost of a child.

What would you like to see the next Mayor do to make London the best city in the world to grow up in? Come and post your opinions on Mumsnet Ealing Talk board.